Obsidian Peak, LLC was formed in 2012 by game industry veterans who favor quality and efficiency in software development.

Our founding members come from diverse backgrounds in the gaming industry with heavy emphasis on technology, engineering, and management as well as quality assurance, IT, infrastructure, publishing, process, and security.  With professional careers dating back as far as 1992 combined with new talent and the willingness to share ideas in order to constantly improve process and technology, we feel we have a unique perspective on software development as well as the talent and systems required to support it.

We started the company out of the desire to work on our own projects while helping others with theirs then quickly realized we have such strong skills in helping others by applying our experience and leveraging our broad list of industry contacts to build specialized teams that we focused our efforts in the direction of outsource development and consulting.

Obsidian Peak is well positioned in tech savvy Austin, Texas to deliver a wide array of engineering, IT, and support services.